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  • Main Page - Information on the services provided by MaxxWebs. We explain why a professional web site can be designed affordably. We also explain the purpose behind having a web site designed.
  • Web Design - Professional Web Design IS within your budget! We will help you create an effective and professional website from start to finish! We will walk you through every step from domain name registration to e-commerce.
    • Consultation - During our initial consultation we will discuss all services required. This can be done face-to-face or through one of the many online services available such as java chat rooms or email. If you would feel more comfortable we can talk via phone as well. Once you have given us an outline of what you would like on your website, we will suggest possible features and enhancements.
    • Site Planning - If you're interested in creating or redesigning your site, but have no idea what your budget is, fill out our free price quote form to get an idea! Just choose the features that you'll want on your site and we'll email you an estimated price quote. Remember that you have no obligation to have MaxxWebs actually design your site; the free price quote is simply here as a tool for you to use!
    • Pricing - We have developed a pricing structure we feel is fair to MaxxWebs as well as our customers. We are very confident that our rates are comparable to those of our competitors. Please feel free to request price quotes from several web design businesses in order to find the designer that will be right for you. When you find that our priced below our competitors we'll be here to help you start your on-line presence. Ask about our special pricing for Religious and Non-profit Organizations!
    • Maintenance - Whether we have designed your site or not MaxxWebs offers a variety of maintenance packages.
  • Content Management System - Content management systems allow clients to maintain the content on their sites without the assistance of the web development team. This content management system is what you call a WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get. It doesn't require any coding knowledge and has an interface very much like Microsoft Word
  • Ecommerce System - Our E-commerce system is very robust and has many features. It also includes a built in Content Management System to allow you the ability to control your entire web site!
  • Search Engine Optimization - We felt that it was almost necessary to create a section to try to help our clients to effectively promote their sites. By sharing the knowledge we have gained, we hope to assist our clients in becoming more successful with their internet ventures. Keywords and Key Phrases are words people input into promotional engines to produce a list of sites which match those words. In short, Keywords are the words which most accurately describe your site.
  • Domain Name Registration: If you wish to have a presence on the web, your domain name is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Your web site can develop an impression simply by the domain name you have registered. MaxxWebs Development service offers these tips. We can also register your domain name for you for just $25.00 for two years!
  • Affordable Hosting Plans for less than $10 a month! We operate on 4 different backbones so we can maintain a constant connection to the Internet at all times. We also offer a wide range of plans to suit your hosting needs. Whether it is a small personal site with a few pages or a large corporate business that needs a full e-commerce site. We have something that is just perfect for you. Hosting plans are payable quarterly, bi-annually or annually.
  • Meet the MaxxWebs Team - MaxxWebs was founded on the idea that not all business owners need to pay for skills that will not be utilized on their site. We do not charge the high fees for design that many of our competitors charge. After all why should you pay programmer fees if you do not require a programmer to design your site?
  • Contact Us - We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have concerning your proposed web site, our proceedures, or anything concerning the development of your web site.
  • Our Web Design/Logo Portfolio - Professionally designed websites are the standard at MaxxWebs. Custom graphics created by MaxxWebs were used on every site

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