What will a professionally designed web site cost me?

We will be happy to decipher anything you are unsure about. We understand that you may not have a complete understanding of what your site will require. By having a simple conversation with you we will be able to determine an estimated cost for the design you will require.

Payments and Bartering
MaxxWebs is prepared to accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover as well as checks or money orders. We have also recently added Paypal as a form of payment.

Before work begins on your site you will be required to make a non refundable deposit. The amount of the deposit will be determined by the elements required for the creation of your site. Final payment for your site will be expected before your site is uploaded to your server and made live.

Each site is unique unto itself. Please contact us if you would like a quote on designing or redesigning your site. We will be sure to answer all requests within a 48 hour period. Feel free to use our site planning form to submit your information. Read on to find out what is included with each site we design.

Custom Design
Each site that is created by MaxxWebs is designed specifically to each customers individual needs. We listen to what you say! In order for us to gain insight we require you to supply us with a minimum of 3 website's that you find visually appealing. You supply us with your color preferences and content. We take the content you supply and punch it up so it is search engine friendly when creating your site. We will work on design concepts until we find the design that meets with your 100% approval. All quotes are based on our hourly fee of $55.00 for page creation.

You provide the text and MaxxWebs will:

  • We design the layout, graphics, and general design for you according to your desires.
  • We can rework the graphics and add links, guestbooks, forms or other site enhancements.
  • We will upload the pages to the server of your choice or send you your website electronically for you to upload to your own server.
  • We will test the pages, verify the navigation and validate links
  • We will promote your site to the most popular search engines
  • We will provide you with a CD of your completed site when final approval is given if desired. There will be an additional fee for receiving your site on CD.

If you do not feel comfortable creating keyword rich, search engine optimized copy for your site MaxxWebs will prepared the content for you!

Search Engine Submission
MaxxWebs will submit each site that we create to the major search engines and directories FREE of charge! After we have completed the design of you site, with keywords and key phrases, we will submit your index page for the first time for FREE!  We will also suggest pay listings as we feel appropriate. Your pages will be Search Engine Optimized as they are created. If you wish to hire MaxxWebs to submit additional pages of your web site, please contact us for a custom price quote.

Repairing html coding
Repair of broken or bad code that is charged at the $75.00/hour fee and is billable in one hour increments. This does NOT include coding errors that were the result of MaxxWebs, but does include html coding errors as a result of clients maintaining their own pages or tampering with pages created by MaxxWebs.

Custom Graphics and Logo Design? 
A good logo make a memorable impression in the minds of your viewers or customers. Let me design one for you. Simply give me some direction and your existing company logo ( if you have one ) and I'm sure we can design a beautiful design for your website. Logo creation is billed at a rate of $65.00 per hour we also do scanning and digital photography (Digital photography provided if you are in a close physical location). Typically we include Web Site logo design free of charge with your site design. We will, however, design a logo for you to use to design your own site! Logos prepared for print as well as web design will incur an additional charge.

Web Hosting 
You can provide the web space or we can! We will provide hosting for sites we design starting at the low low cost of $96.00 per year for sites that require up to 300 MB of space. For additional information on hosting packages we offer please visit our Hosting page

Shopping Cart Technology! 
While creating your website, MaxxWebs will add shopping cart technology to your site! We supply affordable solutions to those who wish to operate an e-commerce site on a secure server. If you wish to add e-commerce to an existing site MaxxWebs will offer you an affordable solution. We offer a very configurable shopping cart. This cart is capable of handling complex solutions for your e-commerce site. This cart does come with a small monthly fee.

We also offer a FREE solution! A free shopping cart that offers everything the new business owner needs. The cart is capable of basic functions and keeps your visitors vital information secure. We will be happy to discuss your needs and help you determine which option will work best for you. If you wish to create your own site but find that coding the shopping cart is just a bit more than you expected give us a call! We will be more than happy to code the shopping cart on your existing pages!

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