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Atlanta's website company, MaxxWebs, offers search engine optimization at the time they build your site! Not all web site design companies are capable of offering this service. Even if you have an existing website and wish to optimize it, Atlanta based MaxxWebs can help! Don't be fooled by companies offering to get you in the number one position of the hottest search engines. Many times these companies charge over-inflated fees and use under handed techniques. These techniques could actually end up getting you banned from search engines and directories.

Keywords are words people input into promotional engines to produce a list of sites which match those words. In short, Keywords are the words which most accurately describe your site.

Many search engines don't even ask that you define a list of keywords. Instead, keywords become important as part of the title of your site, as the words contained in the description you provide to the search engines. These "Keywords and Phrases" appear within the HTML of your site within <META> Tags on your site pages.

Key phrases, are groupings of words which by themselves may not make logical sense. But are critical in describing your site. For example, the words "children", "educational", and "crafts" may by themselves produce nearly a million hits on a search engine, but grouped together describe a very specific site on "children's educational crafts". If your product is ``Children's educational crafts", you want to make sure to include that key phrase in your site title and description, META-tags, and HTML of your site. 

The main thing in determining the keywords for your site is what keyword will your targeted audience input when they are placing a search for a site such as yours? Consider not only the exact content of your page as keywords, but also related words which your target market may input. Oddly enough this may even include common "misspellings". One Customer has a site that sells Home School curriculum. There are many ways their target audience may interpret this spelling: Homeschool, Home Schooling, Home Education and so on. 

Caution: You should only use keywords and key phrases if they actually appear in your site. If you try to trick the engines into improving your site position by including popular keywords such as "porno" and "free", you not only waste the time of the visitor you also risk having your site banned from the most popular search engines for spamming AND by offending those who find your site due to the false keywords.

At times search engines will ask you to supply a description of the content of your site. The way you describe your site can make or break the placement you receive on any listing. It is best to include Keywords and Key phrases as much as possible within the text of your pages. Therefore, when a search is done on one of your Keywords and a match to that word is found your site will rank higher. In short, the more keywords matched the higher your site will rank. Make every word count on your main page! Utilize as many of your Keywords and Key Phrases as possible.

MaxxWebs follows these guidelines in preparing a list of the keywords and key phrases when composing your description. We build your submissions to follow the strict guidelines of each engine to assure a proper and high ranking where possible. When we design your site we prepare the META tags, keywords, keyword phrases, and descriptions for your site to get you the best ranking possible. 

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Just why are search engines important? 

It would be so easy if all search engines and directories the same criteria to register sites. It would be so much easier promoting a website if they all had the same rules, allowed the same number of keywords, the same length of description, the same everything. Most engines employ several methods in how they display and sort the sites which appear in their database. Knowing these different rules can be helpful in writing effective keywords, key phrases, descriptions, and titles. It is difficult, at best, keeping up with this information though as the criteria is constantly changing.

We felt that it was almost necessary to create a section to try to help our clients to effectively promote their sites. By sharing the knowledge we have gained, we hope to assist our clients in becoming more successful with their internet ventures.  If you wish to skip this section and go directly to our list of search engines and directories to submit your site to just click here!

Need Clients??? 
By selling more items to fewer customers, you can actually increase your long-term profits. Typical businesses lose 25% of their customers every year. Overhead associated with these products decreases when the cost of marketing to repeat customers declines.

It costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an old one. Creating higher revenue at the same expense directly adds to the bottom line as higher profit. Reducing turnover by 5% could add 100% to your bottom line.

Should you forget about cultivating new customers? Of course not, but it is important to understand the extra values in retaining customers. Remember that as customer satisfaction increases, added marketing savings increases with word of mouth advertising.
Lure them back with convenience and incentives. If they easily find what they're looking for and are given a good reason to return, they will be more likely to revisit your site.

Here are some effective methods to consider:

  • Bulletin Boards provide an outlet for customer questions and answers. They invite editable outside opinion and advice.
  • Chat Rooms/News Groups are organized centers of subject related discussion. By presenting yourself as a specialist in an area, you can advise others on specific concerns.
  • Contests/Giveaways generates excitement and entertains web site visitors.
  • Coupons are another future purchase discount offer. These can be used in several promotional variations.
  • Evaluation surveys can provide your company with important feedback to improve customer satisfaction. It also prompts the evaluator to reconsider their purchasing experience.
  • Free Gifts can be simple promotional off-line items such as cups, pens, keychains, T-shirts and the like that will serve as off-line reminders.
  • Frequent Buyer Programs offer growing discounts on future purchases.
  • Memberships/Clubs offer a sense of belonging, which can be used in conjunction with frequent buyer programs.
  • Newsletters are a good way to give readers information they may be interested in and provide an outlet for special offers and advertising new or different materials.
  • Refer-it Code is a simple form that allows the visitor to tell a friend. This can easily promote off-line word of mouth.
  • Special Events can entice customer return if the topics are of related subjects of interest.
  • Thank You Notes/Cards offer a courteous way to inform your customers that you appreciate their business. Consider brief personalized holiday cards too.

Tell the World!
Online Advertising offers the unique ability to reach and interact with a large, targeted market via their media. No other advertising medium can offer the flexibility, accessibility and convenience of the Internet.

Depending on your needs, there are several online advertising options available to you. Finding which types best convey your message most effectively and offer the best return on investment takes some time and effective planning.

Some Examples Include:

  • Advertorials are advertisements, which take the form of web site copy.
  • Auctions allow products to be sold via bids.
  • Banner Ads traditionally appear as rectangular graphics near the top of the page.
  • Bid Search Engines sell ranking based on keywords.
  • E-Zines resemble online magazines generally covering a topic of interest.
  • Interstitials appear as pop-up windows displaying a message.
  • Newsletters similar to E-Zines, these give more industry related news and company updates.
  • Opt-In Email is requested by the end reader. Email that is not Opt-In is usually considered spam.
  • Paid Links are available on industry related web sites, usually in the form of referred listings.
  • Press Releases provide newsworthy information that can be picked up for newspapers, magazines and industry related news sites.
  • Push Technology presents information straight to the user by providing data the user wants.

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